Talks and Presentations

Invited Talks

  1. Collapse of Deep and Narrow Neural Nets. ICERM Scientific Machine Learning, Providence, RI, Jan. 2019. (Video)

Conference Presentations

  1. DeepXDE: A Deep Learning Library for Solving Differential Equations. Deep Learning for Science School, Berkeley, CA, Jul. 2019. (Poster Presentation)
  2. Quantitative Prediction of Erythrocyte Sickling for Anti-polymerization Activities in Sickle Cell Disease. 60th Annual Red Cell Meeting, New Haven, CT, Oct. 2018. (Poster Presentation)
  3. OpenRBC: A Fast Simulator of Red Blood Cells at Protein Resolution. SIAM Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA, Jul. 2017. (Oral Presentation)
  4. Probing the Twisted Structure of Sickle Hemoglobin Fibers via Particle Simulations. 20th Biennial Hemoglobin Switching Conference, Pacific Grove, CA, Sept. 2016. (Poster Presentation)
  5. Shock Tube Ignition Delay Time Study of RP-1/Oxygen/Argon Mixtures. Stanford Undergraduate Visiting Research Symposium, Stanford, CA, Aug. 2012. (Oral and Poster Presentation)
  6. The Feasibility Analysis of Small-sized Commercial Ice-storage Air-conditioning System. 10th National Symposium on Refrigerators, Air Conditioners and Compressors, Qingdao, Shandong, Aug. 2011. (Oral Presentation)